Bruny Island


With the weather forecast for rain everywhere in Tasmania we decided to make the most of the weekend anyway with a relaxing trip to Bruny Island. Driving onto the ferry on Saturday as the rain sprinkled on the windscreen we were looking forward to getting out of the city and the sense of remoteness that Bruny Island brings.

We headed down to Cloudy Bay to explore the coastline and watch the surf come in, climbing over rocks before the rain started and we headed back to the van. It was starting to get late so we headed to Jetty Beach to camp for the night, with a quick walk along the beach and a game of cards we were ready to call it a night. We set our alarms to get up for sunrise, and in the morning we drove down to Cape Bruny Lighthouse to watch the sun rising over the ocean. Wandering around the lighthouse I couldn't help taking photos of all of the wildflowers and daffodils that cover the island at this time of year. 

After eating breakfast in the van overlooking the ocean, we went for a walk down to the beach and enjoyed the peace and quiet before packing up and heading home.

Photography Lauren and Jack Sutton


After catching the ferry over to Bruny Island after work on Friday night, we set our alarms to get up for sunrise at the Cape Bruny Lighthouse, Australia's second oldest and longest continually staffed lighthouse. We were treated to a beautiful pastel sunrise, before the rain set in and was overcast for the rest of the day. After cooking breakfast at Cloudy Bay, we set off for a walk along the East Cloudy Head track which starts with a walk along the beach and then follows a trail to the headland. We were soaked through when we reached the headland but luckily the weather cleared up enough for us to dry out by the time we returned! 

Photography by Lauren and Jack Sutton

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