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Hello, I'm Lauren

I have always been a creative person for a long as I can remember, always making, drawing, designing, taking photos, planning and creating. 

In 2012 I completed a Bachelor of Education, however I felt the need to do something more creative and completed a Bachelor of Interior Architecture in 2014. Although I never ended up working as an interior designer, I worked with an architecture firm for 5 years as a Bid Manager and Marketing Coordinator. 

After moving to Tasmania with my husband in 2014, I discovered a deeper appreciation for finding beauty in my surroundings and a desire to document this through photography. Even though I had always taken photos, I started to look through my camera with different eyes. I began to use photography as a means of telling a story through images, capturing details in nature, documenting everyday life or styling a shoot at home.

In 2018 myself and my husband quit our jobs to travel around the UK and Europe for just over 6 months in a van called Matilda. I found so much inspiration while travelling and further developed my illustration and photography style. You can read more about our trip here.

I am currently based in my hometown Canberra, Australia. Since moving back I have started a series called the Canberra Creatives Project as a way to connect with other local creatives and tell the story about their lives, giving some insight into how they started, their processes, inspiration and future plans.

Please get in touch if you have a project you would like to discuss or just want to go for a walk or catch up over a cup of tea!

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