Lauren Sutton Photography - Canberra Photographer

I am a Canberra based photographer with a strong focus on capturing the people and landscapes that make Canberra special. I love spending my weekends exploring the bushland, mountains and even the coastline within a few hours’ drive from Canberra. My work has an emphasis on storytelling and attention to the details which make up parts of the whole story.

DOSE Magazine

I recently worked with Designer Op Shop Emporium to shoot a collection of images for their Summer 2020/21 magazine. 

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Photoshoot collaboration for a styled summer wedding elopement with florals and styling by Pia+Jade, gowns from Mrs Fray, model Kelsi Hedges, make up by Jessica Peris and hair by Kate Lily

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Floral stylist Sophie Rothwell from Muscari created some incredible table settings at the beautiful Terrara House

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Photography for Noorth for their latest summer collection, Terra.

Terra features an original pattern by Noorth, painted by hand and turned into beautiful textile pattern for kids.

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Canberra Creatives Project

The Canberra Creatives Project is a personal photography project I started in 2019. After moving back to Canberra at the end of 2018 I wanted to find a way to connect with other creatives in my hometown and develop my photography skills.

It is a series which celebrates local creatives who work in the Canberra region, pursuing their passion, adapting their practice, inspiring others, and creating something which brings joy to our lives in one way of another. Telling a story about the lives of these local creatives, giving some insight into how they started, their processes, inspiration and future plans.

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Canberra & Surrounds Journal

Canberra is my hometown but even though I grew up here there are so many beautiful places that I am yet to explore. After travelling overseas for most of last year I am looking forward to spending more weekends travelling closer to home and exploring more of the bushland, mountains and even the coastline within a few hours drive from Canberra. 

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