Lauren Sutton - Australian Creative & Visial Storyteller


Vanlife Overview & Guide

After planning the trip for at least 6 months, and talking about it for a few years, in May 2018 we found ourselves in London with a van we called Matilda ready to head off on the road for just over 6 months. Looking back, there's so much we wish we'd known before we took to the road, which is why we've put together this guide to help you have the best adventure without the stress!

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Norway Journal

The first travel journal from our Europe road trip. Norway is such a beautiful and diverse country and one that I have longed to visit for such a long time. 

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Travel Journal

A photographic journal of adventures around my home country and overseas. 

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Art & Design

Portfolio of recent artwork and design work.  

A selection of my illustrations are available as prints. You can shop via the shop link in the menu.

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