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Canberra Creatives Project

The Canberra Creatives Project is a personal photography project I am working on throughout 2019. After moving back to Canberra at the end of 2018 I wanted to find a way to connect with other creatives in my hometown and develop my photography skills.

It is a series which celebrates local creatives who work in the Canberra region, pursuing their passion, adapting their practice, inspiring others, and creating something which brings joy to our lives in one way of another. Telling a story about the lives of these local creatives, giving some insight into how they started, their processes, inspiration and future plans.

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A Cottage in the Countryside

A collaboration with Riparide staying at Windies Cottage in Gundagai, NSW.

With wet and windy weather we spent most of the weekend in the cottage cosied up in front of the fire, venturing out to explore the property, visit Tumut River Brewing Co., take a walk through the sugar pines and to go bouldering just outside of Binalong above fields of bright yellow canola flowers. 

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Canberra & Surrounds Journal

Canberra is my hometown but even though I grew up here there are so many beautiful places that I am yet to explore. After travelling overseas for most of last year I am looking forward to spending more weekends travelling closer to home and exploring more of the bushland, mountains and even the coastline within a few hours drive from Canberra. 

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Vanlife Overview & Guide

After planning the trip for at least 6 months, and talking about it for a few years, in May 2018 we found ourselves in London with a van we called Matilda ready to head off on the road for just over 6 months. Looking back, there's so much we wish we'd known before we took to the road, which is why we've put together this guide to help you have the best adventure without the stress!

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