Faroe Islands

October 2018

When we decided that we were going to get the ferry to Iceland to take Matilda (our van) with us we thought we would make the most of it and stop off in the Faroe Islands for a week.

We stayed at a campsite/hostel on the island of Vágar for the whole week and just did day trips to the places we wanted to visit. We had a few issues with the van so the people who ran the campsite were nice enough to rent us a car that we could use to get around while we got the van fixed. We kinda loved staying in the one place for a week and being able to cook in a kitchen and eat inside (especially when it was snowing and we were rationing our gas to make sure we had enough to last us until we could refill!). 

The weather was pretty terrible (wind, rain, hail, snow, etc), but it was coming into Winter and we especially loved it when it snowed overnight and the mountains were dusted in white. We even made some new friends who we went on a hike with!

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