Freycinet Peninsula


Having recently purchased most of the gear we need for an overnight hike, we decided the best way to test it out was to hike in to the Wineglass Bay campsite on the Freycinet Peninsula and camp there overnight with our friends Brodie and Madeleine for the long weekend. With our bags packed on Friday morning, we drove to the coast and started the hike just before lunch. It is only about 5km, so it was the perfect length to test out our packs. It was beautiful walking along the beach, but we were pretty hot and sweaty by the time we got to the campsite and ready for a swim! After setting up our tent, we headed to the beach, swimmers on and book in hand ready to relax for the whole afternoon. We explored the rocky coastline and ate dinner on the beach until we were ready for bed. 

After a hot and stuffy night in the tent we were more than happy to get up early for sunrise. Unfortunately the mountains were covered with a low cloud, but it was lovely to sit by the ocean for hours and watch the light change as the sun came up above the clouds. We decided to head back before the day got too hot, and after packing up and walking back along the beach, we had a quick swim before the hike over the mountain and back to the car. 

It was just before lunch when we got back, and needed to cool off again and freshen up so we had a quick swim at Honeymoon Bay before heading up to Bicheno for lunch (fresh fish and chips of course!). We said goodbye to Brodie and Madeleine who had to head back to Hobart. We decided to stay for another night on the coast so we camped at Friendly Beaches for the night, and ended up catching up with some other friends at the campsite. On Sunday morning we decided to explore around Sleepy Bay before we headed home. 

Now we just need to plan our next overnight camping adventure!

Photography Lauren and Jack Sutton


With some clear and warm weather forecasted for the weekend, a last minute decision was made to head up to the east coast for the weekend and hike up Mt Amos for sunrise. Our alarms went off a few hours before sunrise, and we started the tough hike up the mountain in the dark. Although it isn't a long hike, the track can be quite dangerous, with some slippery rocks and plenty of rock scrambling, but that adds to the fun. We made it to the top in time for a quick peanut butter sandwich in the dark while we waited for the sun to rise. We spent a few hours up the top, warming up in the sun and taking plenty of photos, before heading back to the car and driving to Bicheno for fish and chips for an early lunch!


We were lucky enough to be invited to check out the new Freycinet Aqua Taxi so we thought we would make the most of the weekend at the Freycinet Peninsula and booked a sunrise flight with Freycinet Air. We arrived while it was just starting to get light and met our pilot Sam. After being taken through the safety briefing we buckled our seat belts and started to get very excited! 

It was a beautiful clear, still morning and as we flew over the Peninsula the first light of the day lit up the brilliant blue and crystal clear water and the white sand beaches. We could even see some hikers who had walked up Mt Amos for the sunrise. The coastline of the Peninsula is spectacular with the pink granite and forested peaks.

It was definitely an experience we will never forget!

Photography Lauren Cooper and Jack Sutton


With my cousin and her partner visiting us for a week we decided to take them to Freycinet National Park for the weekend to show them part of Tasmania's beautiful east coast. After making a few stops along the way, we arrived at Freycinet when the sun finally came out and we wandered around Honeymoon Bay before enjoying a beautiful sunset on the beach near our accommodation. On Sunday morning we decided to get up early and hike up Mt Amos to see the sunrise over Wineglass bay followed by strolling along Friendly Beach and fish and chips for lunch at Bicheno.

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