October 2018

Iceland was probably one of the first places we added to our list when we decided we were going overseas so we knew we had to do everything we could to get there. We really wanted to take Matilda over on the ferry from Denmark to Iceland so we decided to travel out of the peak travel period to make the ferry trip a bit more affordable. This also meant we could make a stop at Faroe Island on the way.

We started on the East Coast as the ferry arrives in Seyðisfjörður, then made our way along the south coast and up to the Westfjords. We planned to do a entire lap of the island making our way back along the north coast, but the weather had other ideas and we weren't prepared. So we stayed safe and made our way back along the south coast, meeting up with some friends and travelling with them for a few days!

Although it was probably our favourite country and such an incredible experience, it wasn't always easy. We slept through freezing nights and nights when the wind was so strong we thought the van might blow over. We got stuck on snowy roads and had to turn around a few times (unfortunately we didn't have snow tires for the van). We broke down and had to drive hundreds of kilometres and visit too many mechanics to find someone who could fix the van. But despite all those issues we wouldn't have had it any differently! It's all part of the experience right!

One thing that we did miss out on was seeing the northern lights. Unfortunately the conditions just weren't right when we were there. But I guess we will just have to make another trip back one day!

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