Legoland - Namadgi National Park

26 May 2019

Since we shipped our van Matilda back from the UK earlier this year we haven't had a chance to take her on a trip, so when we finally had a free weekend we decided to stay close to home and visit Namadgi National Park. 

Namadgi National Park is part of the Australian Alps mountain range and is Canberra's only national park, making up approximately 46% of the ACT's land area. It is less than an hours drive from home so it makes it the perfect place for a weekend adventure. 

We stopped at the visitor centre and picked up a map for the park and our booking tag for the campsite and continued on to Honeysuckle Campground. The campground is nestled in between huge gum trees with large grassy areas for tents and plenty of fire pits. We found a sheltered spot in the sun to warm up and cook lunch. After lunch we headed down a dirt road to the start of the walk to Legoland. The dirt road is suitable for 2wd but some of the hills were really steep and we didn't think we would make it in Matilda so we pulled off halfway up and walked the rest of the way to the start of the walk. 

At the top the walk is relatively flat through the gums along the ridge line, with plenty of side tracks to explore. We made it to Legoland and spent hours exploring the huge boulders, weaving through tunnels and climbing through cracks and crevices. We headed back to the van as the sun was setting and made our way back to the campground to spend the night.

We had planned to get up early for another walk, but when we woke up to rain we decided to sleep in a bit longer. The rain turned into snow so after taking a few photos in the snow we decided to head home and come back another time to explore more of this beautiful area.

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