Mount Coree

July 2020

Mount Coree is a short drive from Canberra located within the Brindabella Range on the border between the ACT and NSW. 

The drive there is beautiful, winding through lush rainforests, over creeks and through tall open eucalyptus. In dry weather the Coree campground can be reached with a 2wd and would be a beautiful setting to stay the night. However beyond this the road is definitely only suitable for 4wd and not advised to be driven in wet weather. 

We made it up to the summit in time for sunset and wandered around before we were too cold and jumped back in the car to go home. The summit of the mountain is actually located in the ACT with an elevation of 1,421 metres. On the way home we got to catch a glimpse of the full moon rising which topped off a lovely way to spend the afternoon.

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