Mt Field West


We decided to make a day trip to Mt Field National Park to walk to Mt Field West while there was still some snow on the mountains. Arriving at lunch time, we knew the walk was about 16km and would take about 7hrs to complete, so we hoped to be back before dark. 

On reaching the junction to the Tarn Shelf, we continues upwards to the Rodway Range and found ourselves in the first section of snow, trying to follow the footsteps of those that had gone before us earlier in the day. We reached a higher point on the range, and stopped to eat lunch overlooking the tarn shelf. Continuing along the Rodway Range, we climbed over boulders and through patches of melting snow until we got our first glimpse over Mt Field West. We continued along the track, eventually making our way down to K-Col hut where we stopped for a snack and to get some shelter from the cold wind. After the hut we passed some other walkers who were on their way back and advised that it was about 2 hours to the peak, not long after the weather started to close in and we were worried about walking back in the dark so we decided to turn around and make our way back. The rain came and went in waves, and it felt like it was even snowing at one point. We made it back to the car just as it was starting to get dark. With very sore feet as most of the walk was on rocks or falling through snow, but an enjoyable walk nonetheless. Next time we will hopefully make it to the peak!

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