Mt Wellington


An afternoon up the mountain with some friends to do a walk and watch the sunset turned into a short walk to some rocks to shelter from the freezing wind then a dash back to the car to get out of the rain. But it is always good to get out and get some fresh air with friends no matter what the weather!


Day light savings and some warmer weather in Hobart meant an after work trip up the mountain to catch the last of the daylight. With back burning on the nearby Mt Nelson, a smoke haze filled the valley below. A lovely way to spend a warm spring afternoon.


We were treated to some spring snow so we headed up to Mt Wellington to brave the cold and play in the snow. Definitely doesn't feel like it is spring in Tasmania yet!

Photography Lauren Cooper and Jack Sutton


Adventures on Mt Wellington today were a bit wild and windy but the raw beauty of the mountain keeps us wanting to explore more.

Photography Lauren Cooper and Jack Sutton


With plenty of rain falling around Tasmania it was the perfect time to try to find the disappearing tarn on Mt Wellington. With the snow covered rocks and brilliant blue crystal clear water, it was definitely worth the walk home in the dark which we weren't prepared for! The tarn occurs only a few times a year after heavy rain deep in the boulders of Mt Wellington.

Photography Lauren and Jack Sutton


A quick trip up to Mt Wellington to play in the snow before heading to Dark Mofo!


Sunrise on Mt Wellington never disappoints, especially when there is a dusting of snow overnight. Watching the twinkle of the city lights of Hobart is the perfect way to start the day.


Headed down to the waterfront to see the sunrise over the snow capped mountain this morning.


Woke up to Mt Wellington covered in a blanket of snow and a pastel pink sunrise.

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