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The Beginning

I have always lived in Canberra! Canberran born and bred, love this place!

I started taking photos as young as I can remember. Whether it was with my mum’s camera, or with my own that she gave me for a birthday present. I remember being so obsessed with how an image can be the best kind of storyteller.

There was a whole lot of self-learning. Everything I’ve been doing with my camera now, is all self-taught through networking, asking questions and the trusty “giving it a go”. There’s also been a s@#tload of money, which photographers don’t often admit publicly, but this passion of ours is very expensive!

Canberra is, and always will be home to me. I started the business, or I should say the business kind of made itself, through networking and friends of friends looking for a photographer for a special occasion. I also used to go out for breakfast, take my camera with me, and shoot some photos of the interiors and meals. From that, people and businesses started to get interested in me taking photos for them, and actually paying me too?!?!?!?! Cool!

The Process

On a day where I’m now getting up and getting ready to go to work, love waking up by walking down to the local coffee shop in O’Connor and having 5857347943 cups of brew. I usually then get either straight into going off to shoot, or post production mode with a Spotify playlist and my essential oils fuming away!

I have been really trying to perfect my post production work-flow. I am getting into the habit of reducing the billions of photos that I take on a shoot on the camera, before loading them into lightroom. This saves such a grave amount of time in post processes!

I also try to keep on top of all my shoots, and within a week giving the client back the work and then storing them on my devices for archiving and posting. Slowly getting there!

I really love to keep creating, no matter where I am or when it is. Whether it’s shooting something I love on my iPhone, then editing it and putting it up on my IG-story. I really get excited by the sight we are so lucky to have, and the opportunities gorgeous technology like camera phones and cameras can give us!

I have been pretty good at balancing work and play lately. I’ve been on a little getaway down to Hobart, in between two jobs. Admittedly, I was shooting a couple of Airbnb’s and cafes, but really trying to take it slow. I am usually quite naughty, and constantly create and create. Love it!


Instagram is one of the greatest spaces to gain inspiration (I know... Shocking right?). I just get so inspired by what other creatives are up to, and also just getting lost in the ‘explore’ tab. So lost, deep in an inspiration hole!

I think the key is just constantly looking out for inspiration, and seeing what others are creating. I am weirdly lucky, I haven’t had too bad of a creative block just yet, and when I think I may, I just pick up my camera and head out there!

Canberra’s transformation also inspires me. It’s constantly evolving and growing, and it’s really exciting to see. I am also inspired by the number of creative humans in this tiny town (Cough cough…. You and Jack!) It’s really inspiring to see others absolutely kill the game out there!

Also having most my family and friends here and the surrounding region, it’s great to get a constant reminder of the important things out there.


My new and exciting full-time role is coordinating the social media for the Department of Defence. This role involves creating and crafting social media content to be posted on their successful social media accounts. I love creating something from a small idea, and seeing it published on a large scale.

I would really love to turn this hobby/small business into a full-time gig! I am slowly getting there, but think I still need a way to go! Also I would love to move into more editorial and also architectural photography.

I plan on staying and creating in Canberra for now. This town is giving me so many opportunities to expand my creativity, and business. And every time I need a little inspiration, we are so lucky that there are gorgeous places around to escape too!

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