June 2018

The first country we wanted to spend a lot of time in on our Europe trip was Norway. After getting the ferry from Folkstone (UK) to Calais (France) we took a week to drive through France, Belgium, Germany, Denmark and Sweden (with a few stops along the way) up to Norway. The first of our van troubles started soon after we arrived in Norway and we spent almost a week visiting different mechanics trying to get it fixed. The silver lining was that we got to visit some beautiful places that we didn't even have on our list to visit. We spent about 3 weeks driving from the south to the north of the country through the most breathtaking landscapes. Although it was summer, we had almost 3 weeks of rain which wasn't ideal for all the hikes we had planned. By the time we made it up to Tromsø we had had enough of the wet weather, so we changed our plans and headed south to the Alps. 

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