Perisher Back Country

July 2019

We try to spend most weekends in Winter skiing at Perisher. We recently upgraded our skis and boots to give us the option to go out in the backcountry as well as downhill skiing. We still have a long way to go until we get all the gear we need to go proper backcountry, but this was a fun few hours exploring one of the ridges at the back of Blue Cow at Perisher Resort. 

There had been a blizzard the weekend before and strong winds all week so there was plenty of snow covering all of the mountains surrounding the resort. It was a beautiful day and so it was perfect to be able to explore areas away from the crowds, and get uninterrupted views of the surrounding mountains. The untouched pockets of snow between the ridges and the patterns the ice and snow makes on the rocks and trees were incredible. Looking forward to exploring more in the backcountry.

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