Rendezvous Creek

Namadgi National Park, ACT

June 2022

Inspired by our last walk to Booroomba Rocks we went out and bought this hiking carrier for Poppy. It's been great and we've taken it on some short walks to get Poppy used to it, she loves being up higher and being able to see around better. Although on this day Jack ended up carrying Poppy for most of the walk, I think it was too cold (it was -4 degrees), she was tired as we woke her up to leave in the morning and probably hungry.

We were super excited to see the frosty trees and it made this walk even more magical. Rendezvous Creek is an easy 2.8km walk which would be great for families. However be mindful that after a lot of rain it would be very wet and muddy (luckily it was frozen for us!). On such a short walk you get to walk through a few different landscapes, over creeks, across the open valley, through the forest and past huge boulders. We are pretty keen to come back in summer for a swim!

Check the status of the walking tracks here to make sure the trail is open. 

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