Schnells Ridge


We headed off after work on Friday, hoping that we left early enough to get to Lake Pedder by sunset. As we drove down Scotts Peak road, the sun slowly starting to get lower on the horizon and we watched from the road as it set across the lake, casting golden light across the water and surrounding mountains.

On Saturday morning, we got up just before the sun began to rise and started walking along the Lake Judd track. The amount of wildflowers that were in bloom was breathtaking, and around every bend I found myself constantly in awe of the beauty of this part of Tasmania. With the sun slowly rising, it started to light up the tops of the mountains surrounding us and we could already feel the temperature beginning to rise. We made our way through the muddy flats and across the Anne River, and eventually came to the cairns which marked the turn off from the Lake Judd track up to Schnells Ridge. It was a constant uphill walk for the next hour until we reached the ridge and welcomed a break for breakfast and to take in the view. From the top we could see Lake Pedder in one direction, Mt Eliza, Mt Anne and Lake Judd in another and all the way to Federation Peak in the other direction.

The way back was much faster as it was mostly downhill, which was perfect as the day had started to get quite hot. We made it back to the car at about lunch time and had a rest and cool off in a nearby river before heading home. 

More info about the walk to Schnells Ridge here

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