Tattoo Designs

Tattoo Commission - Sarah

A custom tattoo design with a map of Bruny Island in Tasmania, where she grew up, and native flora surrounding the island including Tasmanian waratah, blue gum, tree fern, myrtle, mountain pepper and wattle

Tattoo Commission - Catherine

A custom tattoo design featuring a map of Tasmania incorporating native flora

Tattoo Commission - Leanne

A custom tattoo design incorporating her love for Tasmania. the design features Cradle Mountain and the boat shed, where her husband proposed. Wedding bands linked together to symbolise their marriage, paper plane to symbolise travel, a camera, paw prints and a coffee mug with a native wreath.

Tattoo Commission - Daniel

A custom tattoo design with a view of Canberra from the Margaret Whitlam Pavilion at the National Arboretum

Tattoo Commission - Dale

A custom tattoo design for Dale to compliment an existing tattoo on his wrist featuring fagus and a fairy wren.

Tattoo Commission - Katherine

A custom tattoo design for Katherine who wanted to get a matching tattoo with her mum. The heart symbolises the heart attack her mum had a few years ago, surrounded by their favourite Tasmanian native flora.

Tattoo Commission - Ruthie

A custom tattoo design for Ruthie with Mount Wellington surrounded by fagus, Tasmanian blue gum, tree ferns, violets, button grass and happy wanderer vine

Tattoo Commission - Caitlyn

A wrap around ankle tattoo designed for a lovely Tasmanian with some of her favourite flora that reminds her of home and spending time outside in wild places in Tassie. There's also a little hidden paw print for her best four legged friend!

Tattoo Commission - Laura

A custom tattoo designed for Laura incorporating daisies, lavender, forget-me-not and tea tree with the letter "L"

Tattoo Commission - Lucy

An artwork commission for a tattoo featuring Cradle Mountain surrounded by fagus.

Tattoo Commission - Sophia

A custom tattoo designed for Sophia incorporating some Tasmanian elements such as fern fronds and fiddleheads, Tasmanian waratah, mycena fungi and fagus leaves

Tattoo Commission - Sophie

A custom tattoo designed for Sophie who has only been living in Hobart for just over a year but It has changed her life so she wanted to incorporate kunanyi / Mt Wellington which provides a backdrop to Hobart. Hidden amongst the native flora is a little fairy wren.

Tattoo Commission - Matt

An artwork commission for a tattoo featuring Cradle Mountain surrounded by a native wreath of Huon Pine, Blackwood and Tasmanian Myrtle to match the timber in his home.

Tattoo Commission - Bonnie

An artwork commission for a tattoo featuring Cradle Mountain surrounded by a native wreath of Huon Pine, Blackwood and Tasmanian Myrtle.

Tattoo Commission - Bonn

A custom tattoo design for Bonn featuring the Venus symbol surrounded by a eucalyptus wreath.

Tattoo Commission - Steph

A custom tattoo design for Steph for her home town of Canberra.

Tattoo Commission - Emily

A custom tattoo designed for Emily incorporating the love of her home state, Tasmania, and her love for native flora. The final design features fagus, tea tree and wattle.

Final Design

Design Option 1

Design Option 2

Design Option 1

Design Process

Tattoo Commission - Benni

After seeing some of my Mountain Illustrations I was contacted for a custom illustration and tattoo design of Mt Arthur in Tasmania. While the mountain itself doesn't have any recognisable features, it was close to the heart of the client who wanted it combined with the topographical map of their property which sits below the mountain. 

The tattoo design was a simplified version of the mountain illustration, which is combined with native Tasmanian flora including sassafras, myrtle, blackwood and huon pine. Looking forward to seeing the finished piece when it gets tattooed!

Mt Arthur Illustration with Topographical Lines

Tattoo Design - Option 1

Tattoo Design - Option 2

Native Flora Wreath

Tattoo Commission - Bonnie

A custom tattoo design for Bonnie with the outline of Tasmania including all of the things she loves. The design features fagus, daisies, bushwalking, coffee, dogs, travel, horseshoe and an apple for The Apple Isle.

Tattoo Commission - Frida

A custom tattoo design for Frida featuring Norwegian flora from the family cabin she used to visit with her Dad. The design features ferns, harebells, cotton grass, cowslip, chanterelle mushrooms, cloudberries and blueberries.

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