Day 2 | Tokyo


Day 2 and we have recovered from our first day of travelling and had a full day to explore. First stop was a quiet little shrine in the middle of Shinjuku. The Hanazono-Jinja Shrine was just what I expected it to be, orange Torii gate, rows of lanterns and a beautiful shrine in the centre. We watched as locals came and paid their respects at the shrine, throwing a coin into the offering box, bowing twice, clapping their hands twice and bowing again. There were also lots of votive tablets hung out the front, for personal prayers and gratitude towards the deities. 

After walking through the bustling Shinjuku, next stop was the Meiji Jingu Shrine in the middle of about 175 acres of shrine grounds which made you feel like you were in another place. This shrine was much more popular with a few more tourists and many more locals paying their respects. 

Next stop was Harajuku. Most of the shop opened at 11am and there were huge lines down the street for the more popular shops and cafes, some people were lining up for hours and although we couldn't really tell the line started and ended they looked very organised! We got some sushi and did some people watching and then made our way to the famous Shibuya crossing. There were literally people everywhere! Not sure how to describe it other than organised chaos. More sushi for lunch and then we got the train back to Shinjuku for a rest, followed by dinner and a Christmas eve cocktail! 

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