Day 5 | Tokyo


Last day in Tokyo before we head to the mountains tomorrow and it rained for most of the day today. First stop was a visit to Tokyo Tower where the surrounding parks still had some of their last autumn leaves. Then we headed back to Harajuku to see the other half of the shopping strip and wander through some of the back streets. I love how boutique brands like Prada have a whole building for their shop, each with a different facade. 

After a rest in the afternoon we headed into Shinjuku to visit Piss Alley (also known as Memory Lane) for dinner. Piss Alley is the opposite of the bright, colorful streets of Shinjuku, it’s cramped, dingy and smokey with as many small restaurants as possible on either side of the narrow alley. Apparently Piss Alley got it's name from when it was a shady destination for criminals to drink and instead of using a toilet, people just relieved themselves wherever they could.

Finally we had to make one last stop to see Shibuya crossing at night before heading home to bed.

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